Descendants of Stephen DANIEL

Generation No. 1

STEPHEN DANIEL was born 1781 in Virginia and died in 1857 in Massac County, Illinois. His wife, ELIZABETH, was born about 1781 in Virginia. Many of the descendents of Stephen and Elizabeth Daniel still reside in Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, California and Oklahoma.

Notes for STEPHEN DANIEL: It is unclear if Stephen and Elizabeth Daniel are parents or grandparents of the children listed below. The oldest two children, Richard and Stephen, claim on 1870 and 1880 Census of Texas that their father was born in North Carolina, not Virginia, as Stephen claims on the 1850 Massac County, IL census. This and the fact of their ages, leads me to believe Stephen and Elizabeth may be their grandparents, not their parents. On the 1850 Massac County, IL census all of the children listed below, with the exception of Richard and Stephen jr., were residing in the home of Stephen and Elizabeth. Richard and Stephen jr. were living next door. Due to the ages of Edward, Isaac, Elisha, Jane and Betsy, listed below, they are probably grandchildren, not children of Stephen and Elizabeth Daniel. These children’s parents possibly died and they were raised by their grandparents. This is my assumption, not proven fact, but highly likely never the less. The oldest three children, Richard, Stephen and John, are of the ages that they could be either children or grandchildren of Stephen and Elizabeth. Regardless, Stephen and Elizabeth are either the parents or grandparents of all of the below listed children and thus directly blood related.

Children or grandchildren of STEPHEN DANIEL and ELIZABETH are:

                   1.   i.   RICHARD P. DANIEL, b. 1822, TN; d. 1893, Wapanucka, IT.

                   2.   ii.   STEPHEN DANIEL, b. 1824, Tennessee.

                   3.   iii.  JOHN DANIEL, b. 1826, Tennessee

                         iv.  EDWARD DANIEL, b. 1829, Tennessee.

                         v.   ISAAC DANIEL, b 1830, Tennessee

                        vi.   ELISHA DANIEL, b. 1838, Kentucky.

                      viii.   JANE DANIEL, b. 1839, Kentucky.

                        ix.   BETSY DANIEL, b. 1840, Illinois.

Generation No. 2

1.      RICHARD P. DANIEL (STEPHEN) was born 1822 in Tennessee, and died 1893 in Wapanucka, OK, Indian Territory. He married KESIAH ANN SUGGS. She was born in Tennessee, and died about 1868 in Red River or Collin County, TX. After Richard married, probably in Tennessee, he moved with his family to Kentucky and later to Massac County, IL, the southern most county in Illinois, bordering on Kentucky and Missouri. He resided in Illinois until about 1858 when his father died. After his father’s death Richard and at least one brother, Stephen, and possibly another brother Edward, left Illinois and moved to Red River County, TX. It is possible they were in Alabama for a short time during this move. How tragic that other members of Richard and Stephen’s family, including his brother John, remained in Illinois, an example of how divided the country was shortly before the Civil War. It was truly a war of "brother against brother".

Both Richard and Stephen served in the 9th Texas Brigade, CSA, during the Civil War. The 9th Brigade was a home guard unit and did not participate in combat outside of Texas. Shortly after the war both Richard and Stephen moved to Collin County, TX. Richard's wife, Kesiah, died about 1866, probably in this county and possibly in child birth with her youngest son James. By 1880 Richard was in Cooke County, TX and between 1880 and 1890 he moved with his son's Richard and Joseph E. Daniel to the area of Wapanucka, OK, Indian Territory between where he resided until his death in 1893. He worked most of his life as a carpenter and is buried in Brown Cemetery, Wapanucka, OK.


                     i.   ELIZABETH JANE DANIEL, b. Abt. 1847, IL

              4.   ii.  
THOMAS DANIEL b. Abt. 1852, IL

              5.  iii.    RICHARD P. DANIEL, b. July 20, 1855, IL; d. May 07, 1907, Hart, OK, IT

Notes for RICHARD DANIEL: Richard was blind. After his father died in 1903, he     lived with his brother Joseph. He is buried in Hart Cemetery,Hart, OK. He was     never married.

             iv.   EDWARD DANIEL, b. Abt. 1858, TX.

       6.   v.   JOSEPH E. DANIEL, b  1865;  d  1936, Ninnekah, OK.        

                  vi.   JAMES DANIEL, b. Abt. 1864, TX.

Notes for JAMES DANIEL: James possibly moved to Roff, OK with brothers  Joseph and Richard. In East Hill Cemetery are  two graves of children of James  Daniel and one of them is named Claudy.    Claudy happens to be the same name of Joseph E. Daniel's child who was born about the same time.   Since  brother's Richard and Joseph both were in the Roff area is it likely James could be there also. James is shown living with his brother Thomas in Suphur, OK in 1920.   He is listed as a widower on the census.

2.     STEPHEN DANIEL (STEPHEN) was born 1824 in Tennessee. He married SARAH CHRISTINA JOHNSON.   She was born 1832.

Notes for STEPHEN DANIEL:   Stephen moved from Illinois to Red River County, TX prior to 1860. By 1870 he is in Collin County, TX and by 1880 he resided in Cooke County, TX.


                 i.   MATILDA C. DANIEL, b 1844, Illinois

                ii.   BETTY ANN DANIEL, b 1849, Illinois

               iii.   NANCY DANIEL, b 1854, Illinois.

               iv.   JOHN DANIEL, b 1855, Illinois 

                v.   ALLEN DANIEL, b 1861, Texas.

               vi.   JOSEPH DANIEL, b 1866, Texas.

              vii.   DENNIS DANIEL, b 1869, Texas

              viii.  ADA DANIEL, b 1873, Texas

3.    JOHN DANIEL (STEPHEN) was born in 1826 in Tennessee and died iIn 1866 in Johnson County, IL.  He married ELMIRA CLAY July 27, 1851 in Massac County, IL.


               i.   CHARLES RICHARD DANIEL, b 1853, Massac County, IL, d about 1899.

              ii.   ELIZABETH DANIEL 

             iii.   ASLENA DANIEL, b 1861, Johnson County, IL. 

              v.  SHEARBURG, June 28, 1880, Johnson County, IL.

             vi.  NANCY DANIEL, b 1864, Johnson County, IL.

Notes for JOHN DANIEL :  I have listings for the descendants of John Daniel up to present  day thanks to distant cousin Larry Scott, San Antonio, TX.    However, I wish to keep this page mainly for Richard P. Daniel’s descendants.   I will post brothers John and Stephen jr. descendants and family updates or any other new information on any of the other children of Stephen Daniel Sr. on another page.

                                                   Generation No. 3

4.    THOMAS DANIEL , ( RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1 ) was born in 1852 in Massac  County, IL and died after 1932 in Sulphur, OK.   He owned a barber shop in Sulphur about 1920. He was listed as a widower on the 1920 census.

Children of THOMAS DANIEL are:

              i.    MAGGIE E. DANIEL, d Nov 18, 1912, Sulphur, OK. Buried in Oaklawn  Cemetery,   Sulphur, OK.

             ii.    ELLEN DANIEL  

            iii.    OTTO DANIEL (possibly nephew, son of brother James)

5.   JOSEPH E. DANIEL , ( RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born February 18, 1865 in Red River County, Texas, and died August 24, 1936 in Ninnekah, OK.   He married ZORA BELLE HENDRIX in 1896 in Wapanucka, OK, Indian Territory, daughter of JOSEPH JASPER HENDRIX and MARY JANE "BELLE" ASKEW.   She was born August 17, 1875 in Lauderdale County, AL, and died June 22, 1958 in Oklahoma City, OK.   Both Joe and Zora are buried in East Hill Cemetery, Roff, OK .

Notes for JOSEPH E. DANIEL:  Joseph moved with his father and  brother Richard to Wapanucka, OK Indian Territory prior 1890.  It is  here I believe he met Zora Hendrix. Joe and Zora’s first three  children were born in Wapanucka. Joe and his family moved to near the Roff, OK area about 1902.  He was living in Ninnekah, OK at  the time of his death in 1936. Grandpa Daniel was a small man, measuring only about 5-3 but  according to many relatives had a giant sized heart.   He was a quiet man and a devout Christian.   I have heard many stories about the countless hours Grandpa spent reading his Bible and his calm and kind demeanor. He had coal black hair, fair complexion and piercing ice blue eyes.


               7.    i.   SINDNEY T. DANIEL, b. 1897, Wapanucka, IT; d. 1928, Roff, OK.

               8.   ii.   EUNICE BELLE DANIEL, b 1899, Wapanucka, IT; d 1974, Ada, OK

               9.  iii.   LELA MAY DANIEL, b 1901, Wapanucka, IT  d 1988, Ninnekah, OK.

             10.  v.   JAMES HOMER DANIEL, b 1906, Roff, IT; d 1985, Oklahoma City, OK.

             11.  v.   HUBERT ORR DANIEL, b  1909, Roff, OK; d 1985, Oklahoma City, OK. 

             12.  vi.  STEADMAN CRUSE DANIEL, b 1911, Roff, OK; d 1983, Okla City, OK.

             13. vii.  LESTER WILSON DANIEL,b  1914, Roff, OK; d 1989, Wynnewood, OK. 

                  viii.  CLAUDY A. DANIEL, b Mar 22, 1904, Roff, IT; d April 21, 1904, Roff, IT. 

                   ix.   JOSEPH B.  DANIEL, b May 14, 1905, Roff, IT; d Jul 19, 1905, Roff, IT.

                    x.   unnamed TWINS DANIEL, birth unknown. 

Notes for CLAUDY, JOSEPH and TWINS DANIEL:  All died in infancy.  Claudy and Joseph are buried in Hart Cemetery, 5 miles west of Lightning Ridge, OK.  The twins are buried in the peach orchard behind the old Daniel homeplace in Hart, OK.  

Generation No. 4

7.    SIDNEY T.4 DANIEL (JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born 1897 in Wapanucka, OK, Indian Territory, and died 1928 in Roff, OK.   He married MATTIE M. ALLEN.   She was born 1898 in Texas, and died 1922 in Roff, OK.   Sidney and Mattie are buried in East Hill Cemetery, Roff, OK.

Notes for SIDNEY T. DANIEL:   Sidney's wife Mattie died in child birth with her fourth child Mattie.   Sidney passed away a few years later with an unknown blood disease. The three oldest children  were raised by their grandparents, Joe and Zora Daniel. Mattie, the youngest child was raised by her mother's family in Texas.   Mattie currently  lives near in Devine, TX near San Antonio  and the only other surviving sibling,  W. O. "Dub" Daniel resides in Norman, OK. 


               14.   i.   W. O. ‘DUB’ DANIEL b          Roff, OK.

               15.  ii.  THELMA C. DANIEL, b 1916,  Roff, OK; d 1982 Okla City, OK.

               16. iii.  ZORA E. DANIEL, b 1917, Roff, OK; d. 1893, Oklahoma City, OK.

               17. iv.  MATTIE DANIEL. b 1922, Roff, OK               

8.    EUNICE BELLE4 DANIEL (JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born December 24, 1899 in Wapanucka, OK Indian Territory, and died January 12, 1974 in Ada, Oklahoma.   She married WILLIAM HENRY WEBB January 26, 1918 in Roff, Oklahoma, son of ISAAC WEBB and LILLIE SMITH.   He was born September 14, 1892 in McMillan, OK, Indian Territory, and died February 17, 1958 in Ada, Oklahoma. Both Willie and Eunice are buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, OK.

Notes for EUNICE DANIEL: There was not a more special person  ever in my life as "Mom". She adopted me after the death of my dad  and raised me as her own child. She was the cornerstone of our  family and a remarkable person.  There was nothing she could not  do, from building a house to upholstering a chair, her talent was  extraordinary.  She only went through the 6th grade, but was smarter  than anybody I ever met.  Through hardships and good times her faith in God never waivered.  She was truly a virtuous and wise saint of God.   The song "The Roll is Called Up Yonder" was mom's favorite song and I can still hear her playing it on her piano.  Her influence on this family will live on for generations.   The inspiration and  motivation to compose this family history is from my memories of her. 


             18.  i.   BILLY PATMAN WEBB , b 1932, Ada, OK; d 1953 Wichita Falls, TX.

             19.  ii.  ORETA MAY WEBB, b 1921, Roff, OK.

             20. iii.  LENORA MARIE WEBB, b 1928, Roff, OK.

             21. iv. NAYOMA ORLEAN WEBB, b 1923, Roff, OK; d 1998, Ada, OK.

             22. v.  LILLIE ZORA WEBB, b 1918, Roff, OK; d 1989, Tarzana, CA.

9.   LELA MAY DANIEL  (JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born  December 29, 1901, and died August 09, 1988 in Ninnekah, Oklahoma.   She married ROBERT WHITLOCK, son of Narcissia Guest, on August 29, 1917 in Roff, Oklahoma. He was born April 04, 1899, and died 1971 in Ninnekah , OK.   Both Robert and Lela are buried in Ninnekah Cemetery, Ninnekah, OK.

Notes for LELA DANIEL: Who can forget Aunt Lela’s beautiful  smile?   She reminded me so much of my grandma.   I was fortunate get to visit her a few times in the years before she died while I was  home from leave in the Marines.  I liked sitting with her and  listening to her stories.   I have never met a woman who had so much love for her husband and family.  I remember her telling me that all she wanted was to go home to see the Lord and her husband  Robert….she is there today! She too was a "saint of God", truly a  wonderful and virtuous woman.


            23.   i.    JUANITA "TOOTS" WHITLOCK

            24.  ii.    ALAN "TEE" WHITLOCK

            25. iii.   J. E. KENNETH WHITLOCK

            26. iv.   J. B. WHITLOCK

            27. v.    WILLIE WHITLOCK

JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born  July 31, 1906 in Roff, OK Indian Territory, and died November 1985 in Oklahoma City, OK.    He married CORINNE ________???.

Notes for JAMES DANIEL:  Uncle "Homer" was quite a character and fun to be around. He lived with us for a while in Ada when I was in high school.   We had some good times. I loved to listen to his stories and of course loved his 66 Mustang GT and 66 T-Bird.   Homer was young at heart, like all the Daniel clan. One story he told that really sticks in my memory was about the "class bully" at the school he attended when he was a young boy.   Seems Uncle Homer was being picked on quite often by this guy.   To get even Uncle Homer devised a cleaver plan. In class one day the "bully" asked permission to go the bathroom. Now in those days the "bathroom" was an outhouse and not a fancy one. Homer said that all that was between you and the "smelly stuff" was the board you sat on, no fancy toilet seat here…. Waiting sufficient time for the "bully" to get comfortable, Uncle Homer also asked permission to use the bathroom.   Homer opened the outhouse door and with one quick push got even.   It became quite a "stinky" situation I am sure. I don’t think Uncle Homer had trouble with him again!   Homer worked most his life as a carpenter and cabinet maker.

Children of JAMES DANIEL and CORINNE ________??? are:

    1. GARY5 DANIEL. (Killed in Korean War)
11.   HUBERT ORR.4 DANIEL (JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born January 03, 1909 in Roff, Oklahoma, and died January 1985 in Oklahoma City, Ok.   He married NELLE PREWITT.   She was born May 04, 1910, and died March 1988 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Notes for HUBERT DANIEL: Uncle Hubert wasn’t an educated man. That is a shame because he had more "common sense knowledge"  than most people I have ever met.   I would have liked to know what  he would have accomplished with an education.   He worked most of  his life as a carpenter.   There is one particular story I remember my grandmother telling me about Uncle Hubert.   My grandpa was coach  of a men’s baseball team in Ada, OK.  During one game Uncle Hubert was visiting in Ada and my grandpa ask him to play because he was short some players. Hubert had been working on a car and was terribly dirty and greasy.  When he came to bat the first time the crowd laughed at his appearance.   However after Uncle Hubert hit  the ball so far they couldn’t find it, the laughing stopped.   I had a lot of fun visiting and fishing with Uncle Hubert.  He was a good man and like all the Daniel boys, I miss him.  Hubert was a 32nd degree Mason.   He and his wife, Nelle, are buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Oklahoma City, OK.


              28.   i.   SIDNEY DANIEL, b 1927, Roff, OK;  d December 1974, Okla City, OK. 

              29.  ii.   BILLY JOE DANIEL

              30. iii.   HUBERT DANIEL

              31. iv.   GENE DANIEL

12.   STEADMAN CRUSE DANIEL   (JOSEPH E.3 RICHARD P.2, STEPHEN1) was born March 18, 1911, Roff, OK and died December 1983, Oklahoma City, OK.   He married WILLLIE "BILL" VIOLA PHARIS in Roff, OK.   Both Stead and Bill  are buried in Sunnylane Cemetery, Del City, OK.

Notes for STEADMAN DANIEL: Some of my fondest memories of the Daniels clan came from my visits to Uncle Stead’s house and going  to the car races to watch his son Danny race.   Uncle Homer was often there at Steads when we visited.   It was fun listening to them  tell their "tall tales", which with each subsequent telling, the tales would get bigger.  If only I had written it all down.  The story I best remember about Uncle Stead was my grandmother telling me about  his trained horse…seems to me the horse’s name was "Trixie".   My  grandma said Stead would ride him bareback and stand up on his  back at a full gallop.   Stead Daniel was a good man and good to me.   I miss him!

Children of STEAD DANIEL and "BILL"  PHARIS are:

               32.   i.   DANNY RAY DANIEL

                       ii.   Gerald DANIEL


Children of LESTER DANIEL and LULU are:

                        i.  DONNIE DANIEL

                       ii.  DARLENE  DANIEL